Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Round #23 - Giving thanks

This current round of the latte art contest will run through the end of November (Tuesday the 30th).
Good luck and happy thanksgiving!

Jesse Dooling - Providence

Molly Quinn - New Haven

Melissa Linck - New Haven

Jenny Hong - Boston

Megan Kenney - Boston

Emma Messore - New Haven

Alane Spinney - Providence

Christopher Wilson - Boston

Joe Smith - Boston

Ryan Ludwig - Boston

Sean Milnes - New Haven

Alex Payson - Providence

Winner- round 22!

A big congratulations goes out to Jesse Dooling for winning this round of the latte art contest!
Jesse has been with Blue State Coffee since the summer of 2007, and has recently been turning out some amazing art.   This combination rosetta and heart takes the latte trophy for this round, well done.

Jesse Dooling- winner of round #22

Monday, November 1, 2010

Round #22

This round of the latte art contest is running until Sunday, November 14th.

Good luck and get pouring!

Hadley Piper - New Haven

Chris Randall - Providence

Becca Robbins - New Haven

Ryan Ludwig - Boston

Emma Messore - New Haven

Carlos Brown - New Haven

Tal Gur - Providence

Joe Smith - Boston

Hawley Schneider - New Haven

Jesse Dooling - Providence

Adrian Ryan - New Haven

Holley Badger - Providence

Lucile Hecht - Providence

Nick Jeanette - New Haven

Winner- round 21!

Congratulations to Nick Jeanette from 276 York Street for winning the Halloween round!
Awesome interior color definition symetry, and full use of the cup lead Nick to victory.
Well poured.