Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Round #21 - Getting ready for Halloween!

Free pours generally get the most points- but we might make some exceptions for Halloween themed art!
We will be running this round through 10.31.2010.
Good luck!

Hannah Williams - Providence

Nick Jeanette - New Haven

Adam Soffer - New Haven

Alane Spinney - Providence

Julieann Rowe - New Haven

Hawley Schneider - New Haven

Genevieve Hancock - Providence

Chris Randall - Providence

(in a cafe au lait!)
 Becca Robbins - New Haven

Victoria Soto - Providence

Nat Tingley - Providence

Jesse Dooling - Providence

Holley Badger - Providence

Emma Messore - New Haven
Jess Gardner  - New Haven

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