Saturday, October 2, 2010

Round #20- MANE coffee conference

This next round is going to be a quick one- running through the MANE coffee conference in Providence this next weekend (10/11/2010).
There should be lots of time and inspiration for some great pours!  Good luck.

New pours

Drew Ruben

Israel Buffardi - Providence

Christopher Wilson - Boston

Adam Soffer - New Haven

Kyle Passen - Providence

Jesse Dooling - Providence

Jess Gardner -New Haven

Julieann Rowe - New Haven

Holley Badger - Providence

Sean Milnes- New Haven

Christelle Debouf - Thayer Street

Ryan Ludwig - Boston

Rachel Jaret - Boston

Christopher Wilson - Boston

Hawley Schneider- New Haven

Hadley Piper - New Haven

Anna Heery - Providence

Alex Payson

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