Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine's Day Latte Art!!! - Week 11

We just poured a bunch of hearts, so, now's your chance to incorporate those into some valentine's day latte art.  We want to see hearts, multiple hearts, swans taking flight over hearts, kissing tulips and more.  You can incorporate both free pour style and etching.

The prize goes to the best Valentine's Day themed latte art.  Judges will consider originality, creativity and definition (distinct color/lines).  Winner's announced February 15th.

Beth Comery - 300 Thayer Street

Alex Payson - 300 Thayer Street

Hawley Schneider - 84 Wall Street


Congratulations to the first ever winner from COLLEGE HILL CAFE


Israel's pours show definition, consistency and creativity.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 10 - Get Pouring...hearts.

Ladies and Gents, the contest is back on.  Get pouring...hearts.  We want everyone to work hard on their various latte art techniques.  This week we want to see the best heart oriented latte art.  One heart, multiple hearts, hearts in hearts, hearts with arrows, etc, any kind of heart.  The pour must also include a BSC sleeve.

Deadline for hearts is January 14th, winner announced January 15th (ish).

Taylor Roy - College Hill Cafe

Israel Bufardi - College Hill Cafe

Jennifer Awes Freeman - 84 Wall St
(this is her FIRST latte EVER)

Ryan Ludwig - 244 Thayer

Jessica Gardner - 84 Wall Street

Chris Randall - 84 Wall Street

Alex Payson - 300 Thayer Street

(psst...that's a demitasse)
Benjamin Wilkinson - 84 Wall Street