Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 9 Latte Art Contest

For week 9 all lattes must include a saucer of some kind, need not be flying.

This weeks entries:

Simon Ouderkirk- 300 Thayer

Louise Sheldon- 300 Thayer

Taylor Roy- 244 Thayer

Israel Buffardi- 244 Thayer

Genevieve Hancock- 244 Thayer

Sean Milnes- 84 Wall Street

Kari Emerson- 84 Wall Street

Jesse Dooling - 244 Thayer

latte in a saucer...

Ryan Ludwig (this one in a hot lid)- 300 Thayer

Alex Payson- 300 Thayer

Chris Randall - 84 Wall Street

Jess Almendarez- 300 Thayer

Matt Kolosky - 84 Wall


  1. We reused a single hot lid that was already dirty!
    New Haven is just jealous I am sure...

  2. jealous of the lengths to which you will go to win with "gimmicks".