Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week 9 Winner!

Well, it always seemed to slip through the cracks for our fearless leader.  But not this time.  We are proud to declare ALEX PAYSON of 300 Thayer the week 9 winner.

Alex's pour shows creativity most, triple tulip inside a rosetta, but, the balance and definition are extraordinary.  And in a mocha, to boot.  Nicely done.

This week's random winner is Taylor Roy!

There were some amazing pours this week, check the rest out here.

The next contest begins in January.  Keep on pouring in the free world!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays from Blue State Coffee!

We are taking a two week vacation from the latte art contests for the holidays!
The next contest will start January 1st, 2010.

Sean Milnes- 84 Wall

Ryan Ludwig- 244 Thayer

Ryan Ourada- 84 Wall St.

Matt K. - 84 Wall St

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 9 Latte Art Contest

For week 9 all lattes must include a saucer of some kind, need not be flying.

This weeks entries:

Simon Ouderkirk- 300 Thayer

Louise Sheldon- 300 Thayer

Taylor Roy- 244 Thayer

Israel Buffardi- 244 Thayer

Genevieve Hancock- 244 Thayer

Sean Milnes- 84 Wall Street

Kari Emerson- 84 Wall Street

Jesse Dooling - 244 Thayer

latte in a saucer...

Ryan Ludwig (this one in a hot lid)- 300 Thayer

Alex Payson- 300 Thayer

Chris Randall - 84 Wall Street

Jess Almendarez- 300 Thayer

Matt Kolosky - 84 Wall

Week 8 - Winner!

In an unprecedented show of talent, this week we have a three-way tie for winner!

Balance & Complexity with Good Definition

Neil Oney - Guest Barista from TampTamp at 84 Wall Street


Simon Ouderkirk - 300 Thayer Street

Color Infusion and Creativity

Kari Emerson - 84 Wall Street

Congratulations to the winners.  This week's random winner was also Neil!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Week 8 contest

Runs from: 12.4 - 12.10
All photos this week must include a Blue State Coffee gift card. Good luck.

This weeks entries:

Simon Ouderkirk- 300 Thayer

Neil- Guest barista from TampTamp at 84 Wall St!

Matt Morrow- 84 Wall Street

Kari Emerson- 84 Wall Street

Jessica Gardner - 84 Wall Street

Alex Payson- 300 Thayer

Benjamin Wilkinson - 84 Wall St

Week 7 winner

Congrats to 84 Wall Street once again for their lovely latte art!  Chris Randall takes home the gold this week with this beauty.