Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 1 Contest!

Week 1 photo stamp: BSC voting token
Runs from: 10.16.09-10.22.09

This week all photos must include a BSC voting token in the picture to be accepted in the contest.


Danny B- 84 Wall St.

Hawley Schneider- 84 Wall Street

Matthew Morrow- 84 Wall St.

Chris Randall- 84 Wall St

Beth Comery- 300 Thayer

Ryan Ludwig- 300 Thayer

Kyle Poorman- 84 Wall St.

Jessica Gardner- 84 Wall St.

Simon Ouderkirk - 300 Thayer

Sean Milnes- 84 Wall St.

Alex Payson

This first weeks contest is a warmup for the Barista Jam we will be hosting at 300 Thayer this coming Friday, October 23rd from 7-10PM. This will be the final chance to qualify for the Oscars in November, so be sure to practice and throw down!

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